Do you sell turkeys?

Sadly, no. Although they say that wild turkeys on Martha's Vineyard are actually feral--domesticated birds that interbred with true wild turkeys. So in that sense, Tisbury Turkeys are all over the island (stopping traffic and eating lawns). Interestingly, you can always find a number of turkeys wandering around in the vicinity of Skiff Ave, where Thomasia & Joe settled after they sold the farm. Perhaps the turkeys followed them there?

Didn't you have some big box stores you promoted at one time?

Yes. In its earliest incarnation, Tisbury Turkey was a mere portal where your spending at big box stores like Target and Amazon raised funds for local nonprofits. Although we still believe in the concept, we've discovered that working with individual artisans and creating unique campaign art for local the same nonprofits is a lot more fun and results in larger donations. Sorry, Amazon. It was nice while it lasted.

Do you provide local delivery?


What about the subscription service?

Not yet! But we are working on it. Hopefully by Autumn 2017 we will have a limited selection of products available for local delivery.

We've placed our subscription service on hold for the foreseeable future. We're a small operation and have to budget our resources and time carefully. Since most people are interested in individual box orders, we're focusing on that for now.